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Moving can be a hassle. You’re already worried about so many things that you deserve a smooth, hassle-free transport of your possessions. Unfortunately, unless you pick the right moving company, the entire process is fraught with problems. There can be delays, damages, loss of precious items, etc. These issues can just add to your problems. 

That’s why you should pick EZ Movers Inc. for your local or interstate moving needs.

Our mission is to make the moving process easy for you. As a customer oriented company that has thrived in this industry for 15 years, we know just how stressful a move can be. We make it a point to provide efficient service so that you can focus on other, more important things.
By EZ Movers Inc. 19 Aug, 2017
E-Z Movers is a professional moving company in Chicago that offers local and long-distance moving throughout the continental United States. We offer true full service moving, including hard-to-pack and transport items like pianos and Chandeliers.
Moving a piano might seem no different than transporting large appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers. However, pianos are much harder to move properly. They’re heavier than they look, awkward in motion, and top-heavy—especially when it comes to upright pianos. In addition, there are quite a few fragile parts that can be easily damaged during a move.

These tips will help you ensure that your piano is moved unharmed.

Hire a professional piano mover

If the moving isn’t done right, and with enough people to help, you risk damage not only to the valuable piano itself, but also to your home and yourself. This is particularly true if there will be any stairs or elevators involved in the move.

It is highly recommended that you hire professional Chicago movers or other movers if you’re transporting a piano to your new home. If you work with the right moving company, the process will be cost-effective and save you both time and stress.

Protecting your piano

One of the most delicate areas of a piano is the keyboard. Make sure that you close and lock the lid before preparing your piano for moving. If you don’t have a lock for the lid, avoid using tape to hold it down—this will damage the wood. Instead, take extra care in wrapping and padding this area.

Use blankets or moving pads to wrap the entire piano, and packing tape to keep the wrapping closed, making sure to avoid applying tape to the piano’s surface.

Moving your piano

Make sure there are plenty of people on hand to help move the piano. You may use a large furniture dolly that’s able to support the weight, or if there are no stairs involved, you can roll the piano on its wheels. Have at least one person in front when going down ramps, and take it slowly.

Never lift a piano by the legs (they are highly vulnerable), and never lay it on its side while moving or transporting.

At your new home

Once your piano arrives safely, you’ll need to have a professional tuner come to your new home and re-tune it. The inner workings of a piano are sensitive to bumps and movement, and having a piano go out of tune during a move is unavoidable.
By EZ Movers Inc. 19 Aug, 2017
E-Z Movers, a professional moving company in Chicago, is committed to helping people enjoy smooth, cost-effective moves. We understand that moving is one of the most stressful life events—that’s why we help make it E-Z!
Here are the top 10 moving mistakes, and how you can keep from making them.

  • Winging it. The worst thing you can do when you’re moving is fail to have a plan. Start organizing your move as far in advance as possible.
  • Never considering a professional moving service. Many people automatically choose the do-it-yourself option because of the costs. But it’s important to consider the amount of time and hassle you’ll save by hiring movers, and weigh that against the price.
  • Underestimating how much you’re moving. If you’re working with a moving company, it’s essential to be accurate with your household inventory. You can’t get an accurate quote unless you know just how much there is—and if the movers are expecting less, the truck they bring might not have enough room.
  • Putting off “spring cleaning.” Moving is hard enough. You don’t want to worry about getting rid of things you don’t need after you’ve arrived at your new home—so plan enough time to discard unwanted items before moving day.
  • Improper packing. Even the most careful movers can’t do anything about the way a moving truck operates. If your possessions aren’t properly packed, something is bound to break in transit.
  • Leaving out labels. You may think you don’t have to label boxes because they’re all going to the same place. But identifying boxes with at least the room they’re going to only takes a few minutes, and saves you hours of time while you’re unpacking.
  • Not having the right tools. Slightly higher moving expenses for the right packing materials now will save you the much higher cost of replacing broken items after the move.
  • Failing to separate valuable items. If you have delicate and expensive items that are small enough to get lost in the shuffle (such as electronics or jewelry), pack them separately to take in your vehicle so you don’t risk a big loss.
  • Packing immediate essentials. Separate items that you’ll need during and immediately after the move, and pack them in your vehicle so you’ll have easy access.

Waiting until the last minute. Make sure everything is packed and ready to go on moving day, so you can avoid potentially expensive delays.
By EZ Movers Inc. 19 Aug, 2017
EZ Movers offers full service local and long-distance moving throughout the continental U.S., including Florida. We provide moving services in Orlando, moving services in Miami, and relocation to or from anywhere in the Sunshine State.

If you're planning to move to Florida, EZ Movers is pleased to offer these helpful tips to make your move smoother and more efficient.

Best time of the year to move to Florida
You may be surprised to learn that summer is a great time for moving to Florida. While it's definitely tourist season and peak moving season, there is actually less traffic in the warmer areas of Florida during the summer-because over the winter, a lot of "snowbirds" are headed to and driving around the state.

Packing tips for moving to Florida
Florida is known for its great weather, but in some parts of the state, particularly north Florida, it can still get cold on occasion. When you're packing for your move to Florida, resist the urge to donate all of your warm clothes and blankets. You'll need a few for those occasional chilly nights.

You should also make sure to have sunscreen and bug spray on hand and easily accessible when you arrive, to protect yourself from the Florida sun and insects while you're settling into your new home.

Parking tips for Florida

In most areas of Florida, you'll find plenty of available parking, and you will not need a special permit to park a moving truck. However, it's best to check with the city you're moving to in advance, as well as the building manager, to find out whether you'll need to make special arrangements for a moving truck.

E-Z Movers can help you enjoy a smooth, cost-effective move to Florida. Visit our website to learn more about our long-distance moving specials!
By EZ Movers Inc. 19 Aug, 2017
E-Z Movers, a professional moving company in Chicago, provides local and long-distance moving throughout the 48 continental states. From moving services in Milwaukee and moving services in Minneapolis, to services for Chicago movers, Florida movers, and more, E-Z Movers is dedicated to delivering smooth, cost-effective moves with great customer service.

Long distance moves might take as long as two weeks. This is why it's important to pack an essential kit-boxes that contain the items you and your family will need right away when you arrive at your new home.

Use this handy guide for packing your essentials kit, so you'll have everything on hand you need to relax during your move.

Identify first, pack last

The process of packing your home doesn't happen overnight. As you're packing, make a list of your personal essentials that you can't be without for a few weeks-and make sure you pack these essentials last, so you know right where they are when the movers arrive.

Items to include

  • Bathroom: Soap, toilet paper, emergency medical kit, shampoo, conditioner, shower curtain, toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Kitchen: Quick food (unopened) like peanut butter and bread, snacks and beverages, toaster, instant coffee, dish soap, paper plates and plastic cups (or one table setting for each family member), pet food and dishes, trash bags
  • Bedrooms: Pillow, blanket, towel, and change of clothing for each family member
  • General: Flashlights (or candles and matches), emergency road kit, radio, scissors or utility knife, portable tool kit, all-purpose cleaner, important records and paperwork

Create a personal kit for everyone

In addition to household essentials, let each family member pack a personal essentials box for the move. If you have young children, you can help them decide which items they really need, and which ones can wait until everything is unpacked.
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