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The processes of moving and relocating could be very stressful, time consuming and costly. But with the right moving company in Naperville, IL, you will get to your new place with a peace of mind.

Here are a few of the advantages of relocating with EZ Movers INC.

  • We are trained to pack efficiently and do it quicker. What could take you weeks may take us only a few days.
  • Hiring EZ Movers will allow you to handle all of the things you need to do while we take care of the actual move for you.
  • Carrying furniture up and down stairs is no easy task. We have all of the necessary equipment to move heavy objects. By hiring us, you can save yourself from possible injuries.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected.
  • No need to make multiple trips as we have huge trucks to carry all the loads at once.
Whether it be local or long distance move, EZ Movers in Naperville, IL have the experience and knowledge necessary to make your next move affordable and effortless. We offer the most customer-friendly options available in the moving industry. Our experienced team of moving professionals will assist you on all storage steps, from coordinating to packing and inventorying your possessions and valuables. 

Naperville’s Most Recommended Movers

EZ Movers take care of everything and let you focus on creating a new home for your family or business. We have been relocating individuals, families and businesses for 20 years from Naperville, IL to any location in the country and we are proud to say that we are catering more than 10,000 moves annually. 

Our team’s skills are specific and extensive. We specialize in every aspect of residential or commercial relocation . We create personalized packages and options with attention-to-detail to ensure that your all our clients’ moving experience are successful, pleasant, and efficient.

It’s More Than Just A Move!

The service that EZ Movers provide is the result of a multi-faceted team effort; from planning to moving day, each member of our team works together to make the job as smooth as possible. Our movers understand the ins-and-outs of packing and transporting furniture and delicate items, and coordinate with each-other to keep our client’s moves on schedule. 
EZ Movers provides quality moving and storage services and guarantees to stay with you every step of the process.
We have recently expanded our services, so if you are not sure if we provide long distance moving services, call us or just get an online estimate.

We make it personal, yet keep it professional! e-z does it!
Call our relocation specialists for more information on moving estimates, packages and storage at 1- 866.452.7690
Naperville Moving Service


“The best moving company in Chicago! The 4 man crew arrived on time for a move from the city to the north west suburbs! They transported everything down 3 flights of stairs without damaging a single thing! The estimate they gave was accurate, the rate was reasonable, nothing was damaged and everything was moved to the correct room.

I highly recommend these guys for your next move! You will not regret it!”
Nita Ortiz, Skokie, IL
“We just moved from a loft into a 3 floor home about 2 miles away. The task was daunting as our loft was 4 floors up in a very high traffic area downtown. We hired EZ Movers to both pack and move our belongings. They were AMAZING! They got everything packed and moved in 5 short hours. Jake went above and beyond. Everything was taken care of in a delicate manor. We were so thrilled with this wonderful service!”
Ronnie Baker, Skokie, IL
“This was the first time we ever used movers and worth every dime. They arrived early, clearly explained the process to us and set time and price expectations. I watched as they carefully packed all our furniture and hauled it to the truck. These guys were amazing. They asked before using the restroom and everything. If we ever move again (which I hope we won't for a long time), I'll be calling these guys no question.” 
Lee Steele, Skokie, IL
“Me and my mom are very happy with EZ Movers moving services. They have an outstanding crew! Great work ethic and a positive attitude throughout this move. They took care of my stuff without damaging anything. Having a few queen size beds in my old home was a breeze for them to move. Truly a remarkable experience that was made stress free thanks to the professional movers at EZ Movers.”
Seth Sanders, Skokie, IL

EZ Movers Naperville

Address: 1001 E Ogden Ave #201E
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: (855) 616-6009

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