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Moving to an Alabama metro area doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up any of the pleasures you may be accustomed to in your previous state. Alabama’s major cities offer all of the amenities available in perhaps larger, more densely populated cities. Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile are the four largest cities in Alabama, with the state capital residing in Montgomery. These major cities are spread almost evenly throughout the state; interspersed with many rural areas, farming lands and countless tiny towns.

Five major Interstate highways converge within Alabama: I-10, I-20, I-59, I-65 and I-85. It is generally easy to navigate throughout the state; all major roads are well-kept and laden with easy-to-follow signage. Commuting through major cities is comparable to the national average. On the whole, Alabamians carpool less than other states, and prefer to drive themselves to and from work. The Birmingham-Hoover metro area is Alabama’s largest economic area, and it can take longer to navigate through rush hour traffic there.

When looking to relocate to Alabama, bigger cities will mean better opportunities with higher earning potentials. In the Northeast (Huntsville, Decatur), Midwest (Tuscaloosa, Birmingham) and West (Mobile), job prospects are up a staggering 20 percent from previous years for college graduates. The Southeast (Montgomery, Dothan) shows the smallest increase in job potential. Those with degrees in business, engineering and accounting can expect to find favorable job prospects with competitive pay within the state. Graduates with Medical and Communications degrees are also in demand, as both of these fields are projected to increase.

Alabama climate in a nutshell: hot, humid, with heavy rainfalls and frequent, extreme weather storms in the form of hurricanes, thunder and tropical storms. Most parts of the state also see the occasional tornado. Rain often comes in a torrential downpour, but usually only lasts for a short while before the sun and humidity take over again. Hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes are all common, frequent occurrences, but locals are well informed on how to prepare properly. Warnings and drills are regularly performed to keep you up-to-date on proper safety precautions and evacuation routes when necessary.

Temperatures, total rainfall and storm frequency differ greatly between the northern (Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa) and southern (Mobile, Dothan, Montgomery) parts of the state. Winters, for the most part, are cool and mild with rare occurrences of freezing and snow, especially in the southern half of the Alabama.

You’ll find sweet southern hospitality in Alabama, particularly in the southern parts of the state. Perhaps your dream is to live in an old, southern mansion, or antebellum house. Moving to Alabama means you can make this dream a reality, as these types of homes are more affordable than you might think.

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