If moving of a piano isn’t done right, and with enough people to help, you risk damage not only to the valuable piano itself, but also to your home and yourself. These tips will help you ensure that your piano is moved unharmed.

Planning to move soon? Here are the top 10 moving mistakes, and how you can keep from making them.

Electronic equipment is delicate and valuable, and it’s unfortunately common for electronics to get damaged during a move. Here some ideas on packing your electronics to prevent damage.

When loading a moving truck, it’s important to arrange everything properly to keep your items from being damaged or broken during transportation to your new home. Here are some useful tips on loading a moving truck.

Some of the most fragile household items to move are mirrors, large framed pictures, and furniture with glass parts. EZ Movers provides you with some helpful tips on packing those items.

We understand how valuable your antiques are to you and your family. That’s why we’re pleased to offer these tips to help ensure that your most prized possessions arrive quickly and undamaged at your new home.

E-Z Movers understands how stressful moving can be. With over 15 years of experience, we’re pleased to offer our top 10 tips that can help make your move E-Z!

Some items create a risk during travel. Many moving companies will not ship these items—they should be prepared separately and brought along in the family vehicle.

These tips will help you get the most accurate moving estimate possible, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges coming up after your move.

E-Z Movers understands how stressful moving can be. We offer valuable tips to make your long distance moves easier.

You can have a successful same-day move—leaving your old house and arriving permanently at your new house in one day. Here are some tips on moving efficiently in a single day.

EZ Movers is dedicated to helping you experience hassle-free, cost-effective moves. Here’s what you should know to make your local move smooth and EZ!

EZ Movers is happy to provide customers with the tips to safely and effectively pack furniture for a local or long-distance move.

Selecting the right moving company is an essential part of moving. Here are some helpful to-do items for choosing professional and reliable movers in Chicago.

EZ Movers has offered smooth, cost-effective local and long-distance Chicago moving services for more than 15 years. We’re pleased to offer these valuable tips for people who are moving to Chicago.

Many people aren’t aware that with any move, there are special conditions that can affect the total cost of the moving service. Here are some details that may add to the cost of your move.

Moving is a huge and often stressful task, especially when it comes to long-distance moving. Fortunately, you can make it easier on yourself by hiring an experienced full service moving company.

Using proper packing materials is the best way to prevent damage during a move. Here are some of the most common packing materials, along with how to use them.

These tips will help customers ensure that their vehicles arrive safely and on time to their new home.

Most moving companies provide visual estimates for people who are moving from a local area. The following tips on visual estimates will help you ensure a smooth, hassle-free move.

Choosing the best kind of truck for your move depends on the volume of items you're moving, as well as the distance you're taking them. You'll also need to know the type of truck so you can check with building management to make sure the moving truck will be able to park near your new building..

If you're moving, it's important to understand the different types of moves available so you can get accurate quotes and ask your moving company the right questions. Here's a look at several kinds of moves, along with their definitions.

Long distance moves might take as long as two weeks. This is why it's important to pack an essential kit-boxes that contain the items you and your family will need right away when you arrive at your new home.

If you're planning to move to Florida, EZ Movers is pleased to offer these helpful tips to make your move smoother and more efficient.

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