Details that may add to the cost of your move
EZ Movers, a full-service moving company in Chicagoland, is dedicated to helping our customers save time and money. We provide moving services throughout the continental U.S., from local Chicago moves, to long-distance Madison moves and Green Bay moving services, and many more destinations.

Many people aren’t aware that with any move, there are special conditions that can affect the total cost of the moving service. Here are some details that may add to the cost of your move, along with how you can reduce your moving expenses.

Packing services:

Typically, having the movers pack your household items comes with an additional fee. Depending on the time you have available, it may be cost-effective for you to hire a moving company for packing. You can also save money by packing things yourself. EZ Movers offers free packing kit and some free wrapping supplies for local moves.

Long carry fees:

If the movers are unable to park their truck close to the building’s entrance, there may be an additional fee to carry items over the distance. You can save money by making sure you reserve a parking space for the moving truck in advance.

No available elevator: If you are moving to an upper level of a building and there is no elevator available for the movers, you may be charged an extra fee for using the stairs instead, or your move may be rescheduled. Most buildings will let you reserve an elevator for your moving day, so make sure this is done in advance.


With most moving companies, there is often a charge for storing items you aren’t moving right away, whether overnight or longer term. EZ Movers offers storage specials for both local and long-distance moving customers to help decrease this charge.

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