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How to pack your electronics for a move

Electronic equipment is delicate and valuable, and it’s unfortunately common for electronics to get damaged during a move. This is almost always due to improper packing—which is highly preventable.

If you’re planning a move, use this guide to help you pack electronics properly and prevent damage to your costly equipment.

Remove accessories and loose items
If you’re moving a printer or other item that uses ink or toner cartridges, remove them and place them in sealable bags. Make sure the bags are packed in the same box as the equipment. Also, check any media equipment and remove CDs, DVDs, or other types of external media.

Label all cords
Before disconnecting your electronics, place labels on all the wires and cords to indicate which ones go with which piece of equipment. This includes power cords, USB cords, computer mice, monitor cords and keyboards (if you have more than one PC), and anything else that can be detached.

You can use a color-coded label system with circular label stickers, or assign each piece of equipment a number and write corresponding numbers on the cord and wire labels.

After the cords are disconnected, coil them and use twist ties or zip ties to secure. Then place the cords in sealable plastic bags and tape them to the equipment, or pack in the same box.

Choosing boxes
Whenever possible, use the original packaging to pack electronics for a move. If you don’t have it, opt for either electronic specialty boxes or sturdy double-walled boxes that are slightly larger than the equipment.

Packing and sealing
Use anti-static bubble wrap or foam “popcorn” to cushion your electronics inside the boxes. When the box is firmly full, seal it with packing tape, and be sure to mark the box as fragile.

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