Moving? A brief guide to Packing

EZ Movers, a professional full-service moving company in Chicago, is dedicated to helping you enjoy smooth, cost-effective moves. We’re pleased to offer some free packing and wrapping materials for our local customers in the Chicago area, including our Naperville moving services and Skokie movers.

Using proper packing materials is the best way to prevent damage during a move. Here are some of the most common packing materials, along with how to use them.

Cardboard boxes:

It’s important to choose the right size box for packing loose items. Boxes should be full, but not stuffed. You also need the right strength and thickness—for example, book boxes are perfect for books, dishes, and other heavy items.

Mirror/picture boxes:

These specialty boxes are narrow and reinforced—just the right size for transporting fragile items like mirrors and glass picture frames.

Wardrobe boxes:

Another type of specialty box, wardrobe boxes have a built-in hanging rack that lets you pack clothing on hangers without wrinkling or damaging during the move.

Dish pack boxes:

These reinforced cardboard boxes include built-in compartments to safely pack dishes for transportation.

White paper:

This clean, white newsprint paper comes in rolls and is used for wrapping and packing dishes, glasses, and other breakable items like figurines.

Bubble wrap:

A thick plastic wrap that consists of air-filled “bubbles” between two sheets of clear plastic, bubble wrap is used to provide extra protection for fragile, breakable items.

Shrink wrap:

This special mover’s material is like industrial-grade plastic wrap. It sticks only to itself and forms a secure hold. Shrink wrap can be used to bind and bundle loose items that are too awkwardly shaped or sized to fit in boxes. Moving pads/blankets: These are used to protect furniture and other heavy items inside the moving truck.

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