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Moving Tips: Different Kinds of Moves
EZ Movers, a company of professional full-service movers in Chicago, is always here to help our customers. If you’re moving, it’s important to understand the different types of moves available so you can get accurate quotes and ask your moving company the right questions. Here’s a look at several kinds of moves, along with their definitions.

Local moves:

These are moves in which you’re relocating to a different home in the same area. Often, local moving services vary according to the part of the country-for example, St. Louis moving services might cover a larger local area than services for a small town. At EZ Movers, our local moving services cover the entire Chicago metro area, and any location not more than 100 miles from Chicago.

Long distance moves:

A simple definition of a long distance move is any move that is not local, such as Orlando customers relocating to Chicago. There are a few different kinds of long distance moves, such as interstate and intrastate.

Intrastate moves:

Any move that takes place entirely within a single state, without crossing state lines, is considered an intrastate move.

If your belongings cross any state lines while being transported, even if they’re headed to the same state-for example, if the moving truck drives through Oklahoma on the way from southeast to north Texas-the move is considered an interstate move.

Residential moves:

A residential move involves an individual or family who is relocating their residence to another home, either seasonally or permanently.

Commercial moves:

When a business is relocating, the process is considered a commercial move. Some moving companies, such as EZ Movers, offer specialized services for commercial moving.

If you’re considering any type of move, contact EZ Movers today for your professional, cost-effective moving quote.

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