Moving Tips: Moving to Florida

EZ Movers offers full service local and long-distance moving throughout the continental U.S., including Florida. We provide moving services in Orlando, moving services in Miami, and relocation to or from anywhere in the Sunshine State.

If you’re planning to move to Florida, EZ Movers is pleased to offer these helpful tips to make your move smoother and more efficient.

Best time of the year to move to Florida
You may be surprised to learn that summer is a great time for moving to Florida. While it’s definitely tourist season and peak moving season, there is actually less traffic in the warmer areas of Florida during the summer-because over the winter, a lot of “snowbirds” are headed to and driving around the state.

Packing tips for moving to Florida
Florida is known for its great weather, but in some parts of the state, particularly north Florida, it can still get cold on occasion. When you’re packing for your move to Florida, resist the urge to donate all of your warm clothes and blankets. You’ll need a few for those occasional chilly nights.

You should also make sure to have sunscreen and bug spray on hand and easily accessible when you arrive, to protect yourself from the Florida sun and insects while you’re settling into your new home.

Parking tips for Florida

In most areas of Florida, you’ll find plenty of available parking, and you will not need a special permit to park a moving truck. However, it’s best to check with the city you’re moving to in advance, as well as the building manager, to find out whether you’ll need to make special arrangements for a moving truck.

EZ Movers can help you enjoy a smooth, cost-effective move to Florida. Visit our website to learn more about our long-distance moving specials!

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