Tips for getting an Accurate Moving Estimate

EZ Movers, a professional full-service moving company in Chicago, is dedicated to helping you make your next move easy, cost-effective, and hassle-free. These tips will help you get the most accurate moving estimate possible, whether you’re hiring Milwaukee movers, Green Bay moving services, or any moving company—so you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges coming up after your move.

Provide a highly detailed inventory
When you’re preparing an inventory for the movers, don’t leave anything out. Extra items or boxes will be added to the total after the move, and you’ll end up with a higher charge than you were quoted.

When possible, request a visual estimate
You can request a phone estimate from your moving company, but you’ll have a much more accurate estimate if the movers are able to look at your belongings to see exactly what will be moved. You may even get a lower figure with a visual estimate.

Don’t forget the dates
Your moving dates can impact your estimate. Make sure to mention your anticipated loading and unloading dates—if you’re able to be flexible on the exact moving days, you may get a better deal.

Communicate clearly during the walk-through
When the movers arrive for an estimate or the actual move, they’ll often have you do a “walk-through” to get your specific instructions. Avoid assigning vague terms like “going” to your items—tell movers which things are “staying,” and which are “leaving.”

Ask any questions you have
If you don’t understand something in your estimate, don’t be afraid to ask your moving company about it. A good moving company will always be happy to answer your questions and help you relieve some of the stress of moving by putting your mind at ease.

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