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EZ Movers is a professional moving company in Chicago that offers local and long-distance moving throughout the continental United States. We offer true full service moving, including hard-to-pack and transport items like pianos and Chandeliers. Moving a piano might seem no different than transporting large appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers. However, pianos are much harder to move properly. They’re heavier than they look, awkward in motion, and top-heavy—especially when it comes to upright pianos. In addition, there are quite a few fragile parts that can be easily damaged during a move.

These tips will help you ensure that your piano is moved unharmed.

Hire a professional piano mover

If the moving isn’t done right, and with enough people to help, you risk damage not only to the valuable piano itself, but also to your home and yourself. This is particularly true if there will be any stairs or elevators involved in the move. It is highly recommended that you hire professional Chicago movers or other movers if you’re transporting a piano to your new home. If you work with the right moving company, the process will be cost-effective and save you both time and stress.

Protecting your piano

One of the most delicate areas of a piano is the keyboard. Make sure that you close and lock the lid before preparing your piano for moving. If you don’t have a lock for the lid, avoid using tape to hold it down—this will damage the wood. Instead, take extra care in wrapping and padding this area. Use blankets or moving pads to wrap the entire piano, and packing tape to keep the wrapping closed, making sure to avoid applying tape to the piano’s surface.

Moving your piano

Make sure there are plenty of people on hand to help move the piano. You may use a large furniture dolly that’s able to support the weight, or if there are no stairs involved, you can roll the piano on its wheels. Have at least one person in front when going down ramps, and take it slowly. Never lift a piano by the legs (they are highly vulnerable), and never lay it on its side while moving or transporting.

At your new home

Once your piano arrives safely, you’ll need to have a professional tuner come to your new home and re-tune it. The inner workings of a piano are sensitive to bumps and movement, and having a piano go out of tune during a move is unavoidable.

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