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Packing Tips for your move

When you’re planning a move, there are a million things that you need to keep an eye on. Aside from transporting your possessions, you need to make several other arrangements and take care of all the essential documentations, etc. In this chaotic time, you also need to pack.

Anyone who has gone through a move will tell you that packing is the most harrowing and time consuming aspect of the move. With so many things demanding your attention, it’s a good idea to hire professionals. At EZ Movers, Inc, we do offer packing services. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are some tips:

Should you choose to pack your own goods, here are some helpful tips:

  • Consider all the things you need to pack carefully. Determine what kind of boxes you might need for which items.
  • Make sure that you use good quality boxes when you pack. Old boxes are fragile and won’t offer adequate protection.
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes to ensure that they’re easy to carry. Books, records, etc, fall in this category.
  • Larger boxes should be packed with lighter items. This ensures that our movers can safely carry large and cumbersome boxes.
  • Make a list of all the items you’re transporting.
  • Don’t overpack. Make sure that all the boxes only contain items that fit in comfortably. If the items strain the boxes, they might tear during the loading and transporting process.
  • Conversely, underpacking would leave room for the box to fold under the weight of the boxes placed over it during the transport. Make sure that all the boxes are full and firm. .
  • Label all the boxes well. It’s also a good idea to pack one room at a time and leave the boxes in those rooms.
  • Tape all your boxes well and ensure that they’re sealed properly on the top and the bottom.
  • Make sure that your fragile items are wrapped in several layers of packing. This would ensure that they are protected during the move. Purchase hard cover heavy-duty boxes for such items.
  • Do a final inventory after you’ve finished packing.
If you want to know more about packing for the move, you can contact our consultant. Our professional AMSA Certified Moving Consultant will assist you with scheduling your move & will answer any questions that you might have. Just give us at EZ Movers, Inc, a call at 888 917 8300, or fill in this online booking form.

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