10 Things You Need to Know About Local Moves

  • By EZ Movers Inc.
  • 19 Aug, 2017
E-Z Movers, a professional full-service Skokie moving company providing moving services to Naperville, Chicago and other local and long-distance customers, is dedicated to helping you experience hassle-free, cost-effective moves. Here’s what you should know to make your local move smooth and EZ!

1. Use a reliable moving company  
The movers you hire should be experienced and familiar with the area.

2. Work with certified movers  
The American Moving and Storage Association recommends using a certified ProMover to avoid being ripped off by a moving company.

3. Ask questions  
If you’re unsure of anything about the moving process, your mover should be willing to answer all your questions.

4. Do a household purge  
Before you start packing, go through your household and get rid of everything you don’t need—hold a garage sale to unload excess items, and trash or donate the rest.

5. Inventory carefully  
Be sure to make a detailed inventory list of your belongings, and have copies for both yourself and the movers.

6. Pack professionally  
Improper packing techniques are the number one cause of damage during a move. Use professional grade packing supplies and proper packing strategies for your local move.

7. Schedule shutoffs  
Remember to schedule your utilities and services to turn off at your old place once you’re done moving.

8. Prepare your new home  
You’ll also need to have utilities and services to be turned on at your new place prior to moving day.
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