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EZ Movers is proud to provide the community with quality moving services and in utilizing our success to help support the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We will continue to work hard and offer professional moving services in the years to come. EZ Does it!

Reed Gesteland     10-21-2017
“This company blew me away. Gave the true meaning to EZ Movers. I was so stressed when we first started our move. I never packed anything for long distance traveling, loaded all of my belongings safely or secured them for such a long trip. Just the thought of these things I was losing sleep. So I started to look for a company that could help me sleep easy at and that's exactly what I found with them. The day came. To see all of my belongings arrive to my new beautiful home, everything as it was packaged, and in the condition it left to arrive the same was absolutely worth every penny. They unloaded the truck. They reassembled everything. I really feel they went above and beyond. The driver and workers were so nice. They made sure all of our rooms were arranged exactly how we wanted them. And they also protected my beautiful bamboo floor when moving everything in. This company is beyond a 5 star review. Thank you sooo much EZ Movers!!! I'd highly recommend them for anyone stressed about an upcoming move.
Imperial Design Center     10-20-2017
“We didn't want to live in Florida anymore. I didn't like living there as much as my wife did but she loved the weather down there, so it was a compromise to move. I chose EZ Movers for the relocation because the information I got at the time was very useful. It answered all my questions prior to the move and they were also in the price range. The moving coordinators kept me comfortable throughout the entire process. Being able to have access to people easily to ask questions and to get information as I wanted is important to me. If I couldn't get a hold of them right away, their response was very quick to get back to me. It was fantastic.
Vinson Whel     10-20-2017
“I hired EZ Movers and had an AWESOME experience! Choosing a moving company is super difficult and speaking to a bunch of different companies with them all sounding too good to be true. EZ Movers definitely stuck out for their honesty. With honesty comes trust and that's what I was looking for. I hired EZ Movers on the first phone call! When the movers showed up they were very respectful, not only to me but my belongings as well. They were in and out so quick and made sure everything was packed for protection. 5 star service for an affordable price!
Susan Buonocore     10-19-2017
“I was impressed with the EZ Movers on my latest move that I want to update again. We moved a two-bedroom worth of furniture from the north side out to the suburbs, and it could not have been smoother. They showed up early (called first), moved everything incredibly efficiently. They were so efficient that it look less time than anticipated, and totaled half the estimated cost. Incredible.

On another note, a particularly delicate door to our porch was damaged during the move. The movers weren't negligible or anything; it just happened. I later called the claims department about the issue, and they were able to fix it promptly and without trouble. 

I highly highly highly recommend EZ Movers. I'll never move with anyone else.”
Jose McBee     10-19-2017
“The movers showed on time (a little early, actually), and charged in with more energy than a whirlwind. We still had some boxes that weren't closed up and taped, and before we could get to them, they taped them all up. They wrapped all the furniture with many layers of cellophane and got everything out to the van in double time. And they were pleasant and cheerful the whole time. In the new building, they had to hand-carry a large sofa up 6 flights of stairs, but they never complained and their energy never sagged (ours was way gone by then!). They were equally quick and careful in the new place. Not hard to write a rave review for these guys!
ByDomino SEO     10-18-2017
“We moved 600 miles away to be near our children and grandchildren and the people from EZ Movers who moved us were very pleasant and enjoyable to be around. They were punctual and fast, considering the amount of stuff we have. There were five men and it was an appropriate number. They delivered all our properties intact. There were a few scratches, but nothing major. But the actual price that I had to pay was double the initial estimate I was given and this did a number on our budget.
Jake Foam     10-17-2017
“We were in contact with four different companies by phone and EZ Movers sounded quite professional. Their price was also competitive so we chose to work with them. Their moving coordinator was very helpful, very careful about explaining all the details and reassuring that the price was competitive with others. The second person we talked to that was in-charge once we signed the contract was very good, too. We had great communication with EZ Movers. Even after the move, they were calling me to be sure that everything was okay.
Jennifer Lee     10-13-2017
“Everything about EZ Movers impressed me. They were very helpful and accommodating in setting up my move, they were exactly on time (to the minute!) and they were very efficient. Modesto was the foreman, with Gonzalo and Erik on crew, and he did an excellent job of communicating with me and then communicating with the crew. They did an excellent job of wrapping/protecting furniture, and nothing was broken/damaged. At my new place, they took a few things down to the basement storage for me. The entire move was done in 3.5 hours, less than projected, and the total came in $150 under the quote. There was not anything about my move I was not impressed with
Lily & Joe Born     10-08-2017
“EZ movers are amazing. Last year they moved my daughter and the service was fabulous. This year I hired them to move my younger daughter. They not only moved all the items quickly and safely, they even fixed her wobbly bookcases, removed the TV mount and overall were wonderful, courteous and professional. Oh and very reasonably priced. Book EZ Movers for your move. They really make it EZ!
Ashley Burdett     10-06-2017
“Me and my mom are very happy with EZ Movers moving services. They have an outstanding crew! Great work ethic and a positive attitude throughout this move. They took care of my stuff without damaging anything. Having a few queen size beds in my old home was a breeze for them to move. Truly a remarkable experience that was made stress free thanks to the professional movers at EZ Movers.
Ashley Burdett     09-12-2017
“I had a good experience with this moving company moving from Chicago to Cary IL. They did a good job at packing everything and being careful of my stuff. The packaging material used was appropriate for each item. They loaded everything carefully. The move was done with virtually no issues.
Ricky Hooper     09-12-2017
“These guys donate money to charities and have pink trucks! I had to give them a try for my interstate move from Chicago to Kansas. I am glad I did because they worked really fast and carefully that nothing was damaged during the loading process. When I unpacked everything, nothing was gone either.
Tim Lopez     09-12-2017
“If you are debating whether to get these movers, just do it. These guys rock!
These guys are fast and friendly. Since I didn't do the move myself I had energy to unpack the very same day.”
Evelyn Chang     09-12-2017
“Great movers that offer free storage for local moves which is what mine was and I had no hassle or stress during this move. It was completed on time and there were no hidden fees in the final price.”
Lean Remkes     09-6-2017
“Hands down one of the most professional and hardworking movers I have ever used. These guys packed and loaded my stuff onto the pink truck with no sweat. Move was finished in under 3 hours, it was local and I would use them again!”
Floyd Tyler     08-6-2017
“Used these guys multiple times and have never been disappointed with their services. All my local moves were completed on time and nothing was broken because of the pro packaging skillz of the crew.”
Lizy Mury     08-4-2017
“Had to move from evanston to chicago. Needed to find reliable movers and gave EZ Movers a try. They gave me an accurate quote and the moving crew came on time. They worked really fast and kept a professional composure throughout the move. They ensured that nothing will get damaged by using good packaging material and store it properly onto the truck.When we arrived in my new condo in Chicago, the movers unpacked my furniture and set up my utilities to.”
Berty Shaffer     07-19-2017
“Anthony, Jonathan and Lewis were killing it all morning! They took delicate care of all our expensive furniture, wrapping it up properly with padding. They were quick, efficient and all had great attitudes. If I could choose the movers again I would ask for this crew at EZ Movers”
Laura Kim     07-18-2017
“Great movers that moved me from northwest side of Chicago to the great and safe city of Naperville. I had a really hardworking crew that did not waste any time and got everything done like true professionals without any damages. The overall cost of the move was $500 and it was well worth it.”
Tiffany Cox     07-10-2017
“I have used EZ Movers two separate times and they were fantastic!! Their prices are lower than everywhere else and their service is impeccable. They were on time, very efficient and take great care with your property (they shrink wrap everything!). I should mention that one of the moves was long distance (Chicago SF) and they delivered my stuff on time and in perfect condition.

I would recommend them to anyone for long distance moves.”
Taduez Elak    07-7-2017
“One of the best long distance moving companies I have ever used. They packed and loaded everything properly and finished the move from Chicago to San Diego ahead of schedule.
Live W.    07-4-2017
“I used this company 5 years ago for a last minute move and was impressed. They packed my TV and furniture and discarded the unwanted items from my unit. Nothing was damaged and it was a quick move. The price was reasonable. I packed and moved my smaller lighter items myself and needed them for my large items. I move my whole unit with them in another 10 days so hopefully it is a similar experience.
Brian Connor    06-26-2017
“EZ Movers successfully completed a long distance move from Chicago to Mountain View California. From the start to finish these guys were great. The crew did everything right from using the right amount of bubble wrap and packaging material to the handling and unloading. Well worth the investment in hiring professional movers.
Janette Dorsey    06-21-2017
“I hired EZ movers for a long distance move to Dallas Texas from Chicago. The movers were really fast and hard working. The communication of EZ Movers overall was very professional and all promises were kept. They used high quality packaging material and nothing was damaged during the transportation process. overall, super satisfied.
Sam Melini    06-11-2017
“This is the second time I used EZ Movers, and once again I'm glad I did. Arrived on time, handled the truck expertly, nobody complained about the three-floor walk up, were careful with my stuff and didn't break anything, and had everything they needed. The office was responsive to them when they called and handled things quickly. Luis, Angelelo, Michael, and Ruben had great attitudes, hustled, and worked well together, and I enjoyed spending the day with them, actually. They made sure everything I needed got done, and it all went well. Each of the things I've mentioned has gone wrong with other companies--sometimes multiple things in one move. What a relief. EZ Movers is one of the best local moving companies in Chicago.
Kelly Weltz    05-16-2017
“My husband and I have a ton of insanely heavy furniture, which made me nervous that we'd go way over estimate.
But, I have to say, these guys were fantastic. Not only did they show up ahead of time, but they completed our move well under estimate! They handled all the annoying stuff we have swiftly, and well...professionally! I would definitely use them again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Arlene Lewis    05-9-2017
“I moved from a loft into a 3 story home about 4-5 miles away. The task as very stressful because the loft was 4 floors up in a very high traffic area of downtown. I browsed around many moving companies and hired EZ Movers to do the job. They were great! They packed everything and moved in a short 5 hours. Mariuscz went above and beyond. Everything was taken cared of in a delicate manor.
Amy Sanchez    04-14-2017
“Carlos arrived right on time. They moved everything fast and carefully. I moved to a 2nd floor walk up and still there were no scratches or anything on the walls or the furniture despite the narrow hallways. They did great! Would definitely used them again.
Peter Schultz    04-9-2017
“The best moving company in Chicago! The 4 man crew arrived on time for a move from the city to the suburbs! They transported everything down 3 flights of stairs without damaging anything! The estimate they gave was accurate, the rate was reasonable, nothing was damaged and everything was moved to the correct room.

I highly recommend these guys for your next move! You will not regret it!.
Cyra Sanchez    03-29-2017
“EZ Movers were great. They helped us move into a 3 bedroom home and were very capable of handling everything like professionals. The pricing was competitive and I would absolutely recommend EZ Movers for Long Distance Moves.
Shannon Taylor    03-26-2017
“I recently had the easiest, stress free move of my life. And I have moved many times in the past 5 years. These men were great! Jack, Manuel, and Tony were polite, careful with my fragile stuff, and very efficient. All this time I spent worrying about the move.. If only I knew what I know now, I would have look forward to the move.

Definitely will be using EZ Movers again. They are priced just right and when I buy my first home, I will give you guys a call again. Thanks!.
Carrie Barret    03-24-2017
“Zack,Alex , and Diemen did an great job moving my 2 bedroom apt. They were fast , efficient and professional. Zack was very thorough and answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable with them and would definitely recommend them to friends and family.
Milton Hernandez    03-23-2017
“I started my conversation with Daniel at EZ Movers. Daniel was very professional and courteous. He was also attentive to our move and every need for this move. I told him how important this move was and that although it was local (17 miles) I needed everything to be good for family. Daniel took ownership and worked with me over the phone creating a list of items being moved. 

The day of move was beyond what I expected. Juan and his team of guys were courteous to my wife and daughters. They took care of our belongings as if it were there. They not only moved quickly but saved us an hour worth of charges. I gave them each a great tip and would recommend Daniel, Juan and his team anytime. 

EZ movers thank you for making our move painless and quick. You guys truly went above and beyond. .
Adam Bradley Oakes    03-11-2017
“I am completely satisfied with Ez Movers. They showed up and started working right away. They handled all my belongings carefully. They wrapped up my grandmas antique China Cabinet and moved it from the 2nd floor with no problems. They were nice and respectful to my neighbors. They gave me good advice on the last few boxes I was packing. Always pack your boxes extra safely (newspapers and old towels are my favorites) but rest assured they will handle them as well as you. They definitely knew what they were doing. I am very happy they were able to accommodate my move on a Sunday and kept me up to date with exact time to expect the crew. I am happy to use a local company that even donated to a local cause. Moving is a extremely honest work hard job and I am very satisfied with this company. I would use them again. My move was much less than I planned and done a hour earlier than estimated. 
Think Pink.
Zoe Cerx    02-24-2017
“I just moved a couple of weeks ago and wanted to say what a great experience it was thanks to my movers, Fred, Vinny and Josh. I ended up moving at the last-minute and they were so kind and professional in helping me make the transition in a timely manner. They were a huge help with the packing and made everything so much easier. I highly recommend their expertise and their friendly manner!.
Maggier Bernett    02-17-2017
“EZ Movers are fantastic. I moved a one bedroom apartment to another one bedroom apartment this weekend. I don't have a whole lot of stuff, 5 or so boxes and furniture (couch, bed, table, etc.) Mark led a crew that finished the pickup and deliver in a couple of hours. They were extremely nice, hardworking and respectful of all my neighbors the whole time. If you are going to move use these guys, I was left with nothing to complain about, from the price, to the professionalism, speed and reliability, they get the highest marks in all categories.
Janet Hernandez    02-12-2017
“Dave, Tom, and Kevin were one of the most upbeat and useful mover i have ever worked with. They made the entire process a breeze and you can tell that they were making sure everything is secured so nothing will get damaged.
They even went the extra mile and moved my extra furniture to a another destination.
Truly an experience I will never forget!”
Eleanor Barnett    02-06-2017
“Great service overall! Scheduling was quick and easy. The estimate was accurate and the long distance move from jersey to Chicago was on time and on budget. The crew was very resourceful and they even figured out a way to dispose of the used furniture I did not need anymore. Based on my experience, I would definitely use EZ Movers again.

We make it personal, yet keep it professional! e-z does it! 
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